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Two thirty-somethings with no kids. We don't dislike kids, we just don't have them. This is our life.
HIS: Works in publishing by day and is a writer/comedian by night.
HER: Works in advertising by day and a food-, wine-, media-, and cat-lover by night.

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Posts tagged "hockey"

A night at the Shark Tank

HIS and HER are both sports fans, in particular the Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, because we are from New England and it is required. And when I say HIS and HER and fans, I mean HIS watches and HER puts up with it, in particular the Bruins. But we both agree that the Bruins have great web videos, in particular those that feature the Bear. The newest video is below and is quite funny, in particular those clips featuring Zdeno Chara (HIS’ favorite) and coach Claude Julien. How many times can I one write ‘in particular’? Does five work for you?

"Not in the face!"

Photo courtesy Elsa/Getty Images