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HIS: Works in publishing by day and is a writer/comedian by night.
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photo by Meghan Brosnan

Now for my review of the Bridge School Concert.  If you missed it you can read HIS review.  I will review all the bans in the same order, to stay consistent.  To start out, Jimmy Fallon was scheduled to be the MC for the 1st night of the 2 night acoustic concert.  I was never so happy to hear that he was a no show.  

Also, I should mention, we have a poster from almost ever Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam show that HIS has seen.  We didn’t buy the poster for the Bridge School Concert because it was designed by Shepard Fairey. To put it politely, we’re not fans.

Norah Joans and The Little Willies: We missed them the 1st night, but made sure to get to the show early the second day to see them.  It was a great set, no songs that I knew, but it was a lot of fun.

Beck: As HIS mentioned in his review, most of the songs Beck performed were from the album ‘Sea Change’.  I only know one song from this album, Lost Cause, and was happy that he performed it. Also, loved that on the second day he ended the set with an amazing acoustic version of of Where It’s At. 

Mumford and Sons: I was so happy to see them, they were the main reason I wanted to go to he concert, but no Little Lion Man!  

Santana: I own a couple of pairs of his shoes and love them.  Besides the Rob Thomas song (which was performed), I really don’t know many Santana songs.  His sound isn’t really my thing, not big into jazz, but I can appreciate his talents.  The crowed really got into the set so it was fun to watch.

Eddie Vedder: Eddie was Eddie.  He sang my ring tone, Just breath.  He did Elderly Woman.  I was just disappointed that he didn’t perform Low Light.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never seen him do it outside of Pearl Jam, and according to HIS, he’s never done it solo, but I still hope and pray. 

Foo Fighters: (second night only) They were amazing! They came out and kicked ass and took names. You really felt like you were at a rock concert.  They did the hits so everyone was into it and at the end Dave Grohl did a solo version of Everlong that was breath taking.  

Tony Bennet: (second night only) Tony was a nice change of pace.  It felt like we were at a swanky club in Vegas.  Wish I had a Manhattan to enjoy the music.

Dave Matthews: I have never seen Dave Matthews in concert, I don’t know how I missed him while I was in college.  I really enjoyed both sets and loved that he sang Two Step - the song is amazing.

Archad Fire: They sucked. Thank God I only had to watch them the 1st night. I convinced HIS that it wasn’t worth staying late and watching them the second night. Now I’ve heard of them, but I don’t think I could name any of their songs.

(Archaid Fire was announce and takes the stage)

HIS: I’m surprised the crowed is not reacting to them

HER: They probably don’t know who they are

HIS: They won Grammy for album of the year last year

HER: Yep, they probably don’t know who they are 

That pretty much sums that up.

Neil Young: I don’t liked his music.  Never have, never will.